Winery Wednesday

Aurelio Settimo

During my visit to Piemonte this time around I decided to visit a few new wineries. Aurelio Settimo was one of them. The winery started making their own wine in the 1950’s, after having been farmers for decades.

Today, the winery is run by Tiziana, the daugther of Aurelio, and the philosophy of the winery is to focus on quality while keeping with tradition.

Aurelio Settimo 2

Aurelio Settimo only produces red wine and among those is the Rocche dell’Annunziata.

The winemaking follows the traditional method with big botti and no toast. The majority of the grapes are nebbiolo, 5.7 hectares and the rest is dolcetto, about 1 hectars.

Aurelio Settimo

During my visit I tasted 6 wines, a wonderful lineup. First up the dolcetto, one of my favorite grapes! Then Langhe Nebbiolo followed by 4 Barolo’s. I was lucky enough to taste their Rocche Riserva 2009 and Rocche 2005.

Aurelio Settimo 1

If you want to visit the winery or learn more, you can go to their website. 

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