Sandefjord Vinfestival

Sandefjord Vinfestival

This weekend I attended Sandefjord Vinfestival. This year the overarching theme was South-Africa, but my good friend Alessandro Veglio was there as well. And a bottle of Vietti Moscato. The festival takes place every year in Sandefjord, and many cool wineries and wines are represented. Even though I normally stick to Piemonte, I tried a few South-African wines. Jamie Goode was also in attendance, and he held a presentation during the festival.

Sandefjord Vinfestival Veglio Lineup

Here you can see the corner I spent most of my time in. Forgot to get a good picture of Alessandro, but I’ll just try again next year. I also met many familiar faces at the festival – many I met for the first time face to face. Looking forward to next year already!

Sandefjord Vinfestival ViettiSandefjord Vinfestival Elgin Ridge

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