Pizza Wine

Tignanello – why we call it the Pizza Wine


IMG_8591Maybe you’ve heard me say that I am having Pizza Wine with my Friday Pizza? Well, there’s a story behind the concept.

Normally, a “pizza wine” would be a dolcett, barbera or a langhe nebbiolo. Something light to have with your pizza, nothing super fancy or expensive. But we sometimes refer to the Tignanello wine as a Pizza Wine – why?

Some friends of mine were having dinner and drinking wines (some really good wines). Among those wines was the Tignanello, and compared to the other wines present it was quite “simple”. (Yes I know Tignanello is a very good wine with a very good reputation, but keep in mind the context). Anyway, after having had some truly amazing wines they opened the Tignanello, and it was clear they all struggled to sort of “place it” compared to the other ones. So one of the guys said: “You know, this wine is a great Pizza Wine”.

And thus it was forever known as “The Pizza Wine”.


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