Cru – Arborina

Cru – most of us are familiar with them, right? If not, a cru indicates a certain vineyard. And each cru has specific characteristics based on soil, altitude and exposure. When it comes to different cru, I think Arborina might be one of my favorite! It helps that many of my favorite producers make Barolo Arborina, like Altare and Giovanni Corino.

Arborina is known for it’s elegance and freshness. It is one of the more “feminine” wines, with a intense bouquet of fruits and berries.

Location: Frazione Annunziata
Size: 10.81 hectares
Soil composition: marna stone with clay, limestone and sand
Grape variations: 68% nebbiolo, 15% barbera, 15% dolcetto, 2% langhe rosso
Exposure: south, south-east
Characteristics: fruity, fresh, elegant
Part of Arborina (From Elio Altare’s Winery)

Producer’s of Arborina include:

  • Giovanni Corino
  • Elio Altare
  • Renato Corino
  • Nadia Curto
  • Mauro Veglio
  • Bovio

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