1992 – the year I was born

The year is 1992. In a cold, rainy little town called Stavanger, Oda Emilie aka Piemontegirl was born. Around the same time, in what seams like a different world, the cold also encompassed Piemonte. For the family and their bundle of joy, weather mattered very little. But to the farmers in Piemonte, weather matters. A lot. It can be all consuming.

1992 has a reputation for being a bad vintage. Starting off cold, warming up slightly in May and June, and lots of rain during the second half of the year does not add up to an “easy” vintage. The wet weather can be very problematic, bringing with it diseases and other issues. It was not looking very good for the 1992 vintage. Many estates did not bottle wine.

But I have a question for you? Have you tried a 1992 recently?

I have. Barbaresco 1992 from Produttori del Barbaresco. And guess what? It was MAGNIFICENT!

You should probably not keep them for very much longer, if you find any at all. I plan on drinking mine soon, probably for my 30th birthday! But my point is, that 1992 is not bad. Maybe it never was bad? I was not old enough to drink back then, so I’ve only ever had “old” 1992, but was it really that bad back then? Elio and Silvia Altare don’t seem to think so.

It was cold rainy difficult vintage but super smooth elegant wines were made. Pure magic for the wines made by the winemakers that are farmers first.

Silvia Altare

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