Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo

Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo

The Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo is made with nebbiolo grapes from Bricco Boschis, Vignolo, Codana and Pernanno. The wine is fermented with indigenous yeast, macerated with submerhed cap for 20-35 days and then aged in slavonian oak casks for 15-18 months. The wine spends another 6 months in the bottle before it’s released.

Cavallotto – Giuseppe & Alfio

At the top of the Bricco Boschis hill you’ll find the Cavallotto brothers. Alfio and Giuseppe (and their sister Laura) run the winery today as the 4th generation winemakers. Speaking of being a nerd, just like Marco Marengo, Giuseppe is a nerd. He has not one, not two but at least THREE weather stations of his own. And his attention to detail is not limited to weather. No wonder the wines are so damn good.

Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo

Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

The 2016 vintage has a an undeniable potential for greatness. Early bud break followed by cooler weather slowed the development, but the warm weather later in the summer/fall made for excellent conditions. A hail storm struck July 28th and unfortunately reduced the crop by about 40%, but the remaining crop continued a slow, even development until the harvest.


The Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo is meant to be drunk young, according to the brothers. You can of course age it, but their recommendation is to drink it fairly young. The wine has classic aromas and flavors of black cherry and roses, with a medium body and a long finish. Tannins are present, as they make their Langhe Nebbiolo fairly close to a Barolo, but the tannins are not overpowering.

Where can you find it?

If you’re in Norway, you can buy it online here or in local stores:

Aker Brygge – 14
Grünerløkka – 4
Oslo City – 13
Ullevaal Stadion – 10
Grorud – 1
Ski – 6
Halden – 2
Moelv – 9
Bergen, Arna – 15
Stryn – 3

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