Burlotto Barolo 2016

Burlotto Barolo 2016

My first encounted with the Burlotto Barolo 2016 happened to coincide with my first ever tasting in the little church. Covid-19 has changed many things, including how Fabio conducts his tastings. Fortunately, the only difference was the venue. The wines are still top quality, like they were 10-20 years ago (long before Galloni gave the 100 points). And Fabio is the same: kind, funny and honest.

The 2016 vintage has already gotten a lot of good press. This includes the Burlotto Barolo 2016 wines. Cannubi 2016 and Monvigliero 2016 recently recieved 100 points from Wine Advocate. But I have to say, the classic Barolo really blew me away. Literally my first note was “Holy Shit.” And it’s true what Fabio said: “The classico is open for business”.

2016 is a vintage of harmony

Langhe Sauvignon 2019

2019 is a vintage with a lot of tension. One the nose of Langhe Sauvignon you get the stereotypical goosberry notes. Normally it’s not my favorite grape, but i quite like the 2019 vintage. High in acidity and salty in the mouth.

Pelaverga 2019

Can we call Pelaverga the unsung hero of Verduno? Maybe that’s taking it too far, but I don’t think Pelaverga get’s the attention it deserves. A perfect wine for a hot summer day. Goes well with food but can also be enjoyed as an aperitivo. The 2019 is almost sweet, leaving a very good feeling in the mouth. Spicy but light at the same time, and only has 13% alcohol.

Barbera Aves 2018

This might be one of my absolute favorite Barbera’s. It’s not the first time I say this and it probably won’t be the last. The 2018 edition does not disappoint. Highacidity with dark fruits. Good grip, balanced. The Aves 2018 is high in alcohol but you don’t feel it in the mouth. How he does that is beyond me.

Langhe Freisa 2018

Strange nose. Almost like a pinot noir. Strawberry, fruity. Powerful tannins, bold wine.

Burlotto Barolo 2016

Burlotto Barolo 2016 and Burlotto Barolo Acclivi 2016

Barolo 2016

Holy shit. The Barolo Classico 2016 is so approachable. Spices, tobacco, some chocolate and violets on the nose. The tannins are sweet and the wine is elegant.

The Barolo Classico 2016 is very engaging now


Barolo Acclivi 2016

My first thought: What an xtreme difference to the classic. The nose was so much more explosive. Roses, wet forest floor, spices. Smooth tannins. Spicy in the mouth.

Barolo Monvigliero 2016

Again, so different on the nose. Typical monvigliero notes, almost like perfume. Spicy and floral. Impressive wine that is both powerful and elegant at the same time, with a long finish.

Barolo Cannubi 2016

Floral, fruity, fresh. Bigger in the mouth than the other three. Big but with sweet tannins, making it relatively approachable now. But this is a wine I would store for a while.

Sneak Peak on the 2017

The 2017 Barolo’s are slightly more extreme and more concentrated than 2016. 2017 was a warm vintage, but Fabio does not see any sign of overripening in the wine. Overall he was quite happy with 2017 vintage. There is an important structure in the tannins. The wines will likely have a strong body.

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