Dolcetto 2019

Dolcetto 2019

The Dolcetto 2019 are quite structured with lots of fruit. I find them to be a bit more complex, especially compared to 2018, giving the wine a little more “oomph”. One could argue that the Dolcetto from 2017 also had “oomph” but perhaps not complex. The warm temperature of the 2017 vintage gave the wines a bigger character, but also a lack of balance when it came to acidity and alcohol. Keep in mind, this is one person’s opinion and taste, opinions and tastes which might differ from yours.

I really like Dolcetto 2019. I know that is a general statement, but after tasting quite a few Dolcetto from 2019, I feel like I can be fairly general. Everything is relative, and my opinion may stem from the fact that I was not as impressed by Dolcetto in 2017 and 2018 as I am by 2019. Below are some of my tasting notes in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Dolcetto 2019

Burlotto Dolcetto

Concentrated nose with aromas of cherry and red fruits. Also quite concentrated in the mouth. A beautiful Dolcetto!

Cascina Fontana Dolcetto

A perfect Dolcetto nose. Elegant and rich with good structure. The grapes come from a vineyard in Sinio where the soil is composed of limestone with some clay. Mario vinifies his Dolcetto in stainless steel tanks.

Diego e Damiano Barale Dolcetto

Fruity and fresh, yet complex, both on the nose and in the mouth. Violets and dark berries on the nose. The vines, grown in San Giovanni, are 50 years old.

Diego Morra Dolcetto

The 2019 is more intense and structured than 2018. Aromas of dark berries and spices. Good minerality Long finish.  

Elio Grasso Dolcetto

The Elio Grasso Dolcetto was concentrated, but also light (if that makes sense?). Aromas of blackcurrant and other wild berries.

Emilio Vada Dolcetto

Concentrated on the nose with subtle aromas of red and dark fruit. There are some floral notes as well. A very drinkable Dolcetto!

Francesco Borgogno Dolcetto

Typical dolcetto nose with lots of fruit and dark berries. More powerful and structured than 2018. A very balanced wine!

Luigi Pira Dolcetto

A powerful wine with a crisp nose. Fresh and fruity with good acidity. Aromas of blackcurrant, dark fruit and berries.

Marengo Dolcetto

Powerful aromas of dark berries. A good wine that’s easy to drink. Fruity. More structure than 2018

Nadia Curto Dolcetto

Nadia had an issue with storms in her Gattera vineyard where the Dolcetto grows. Maturation of the grapes was blocked due to the storm which resulted in a Dolcetto with a higher acidity. Aromas of blackcurrant, cherry and other dark berries.

Paolo Scavino Dolcetto

As with most of the 2019 Dolcetto’s, the Paolo Scavino Dolcetto is quite structured. I really like it. Concentrated and explosive. Fruity with good length.

Trediberri Dogliani Bricco Mollea

The Bricco Mollea vineyard is located in Vicoforte, far south in Langhe. Dolcetto’s from Dogliani tend to be more intense than Dolcetto’s from La Morra, and if you combine the terroir with the 62 year old plants, you get a complex and intense Dolcetto.

Trediberri Dogliani Dolcetto 2019

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