Barbera 2019

Barbera 2019

Climate – optimal for Barbera 2019?

2019 started with a drought from January to late March, followed by heavy rain in April and May. The weather was quite unstable which led to uneven development of the vines. In addition to this there were two critical events in 2019: a hailstorm and rain forecast during harvest. The hailstorm that occurred on September 5th was quite localized and only affected certain areas. The rain however, affected everyone. Rain during harvest is not good, and so when the forecast predicted rain on October 15th, many growers harvested earlier than they would have liked. Weather is a fickle thing…

Many describe Barbera 2019 as a “traditional and classic” vintage. I, along with other winemakers I’ve spoken to, would agree. Alberto Viberti thinks 2019 is an elegant vintage for Barbera.

Tasting Notes Barbera 2019

Tasting notes below are in alphabetical order.

Alberto Viberti Barbera

Elegant and balanced Barbera. Good acidity and long finish. The wine has spent 6 months in oak but the only trace of oak is in the structure. Aromas of red fruits and berries.

Burlotto Barbera d’Alba

A powerful wine with an explosive nose. I almost get a hint of mint, along with dark red berries and some spices. Good acidity and long finish.

Cascina Fontana Barbera 2019

Amazing, explosive nose with aromas of darker fruit. Not as concentrated as many other Barbera 2019. A very balanced wine.

Emilio Vada Barbera d’Asti 2019

A barbera with an explosive nose. Fruity and mineral. Good acidity.  

Fratelli Revello Barbera d’Alba

Dark red fruit and floral aromas. Explosive in the mouth. Fruity with good acidity.

Ghiomo Barbera Lavai

Giuseppino uses barrique for his Barbera because he thinks the two work well together. The only way you would know this wine had been in oak barrels is because of the excellent structure. No oak aromas. Only fresh fruits and berries.

La Vedetta Sarasino 2019

Beautiful nose! A fruity and fresh Barbera with good acidity.

Lalu Barbera d’Alba 2019

Balanced Barbera with a beautiful nose. Explosive nose, with aromas of red fruit. A very good wine.  

Marengo Barbera 2019

This Barbera is quite explosive. Aromas of red berries and red fruit. Maybe a hint of spices. Quite structured, but balanced with good acidity.

Mauro Veglio Barbera d’Alba

A beautiful wine with aromas of red fruit. Juicy, with good acidity.

Nadia Curto Barbera d’Alba

Fresh and fruity with slightly warm aromas. Darker fruit and berries. Good acidity. 14.5% alcohol but you don’t feel it.

Vietti Barbera D’Alba Tre Vigne 2019

The Barbera d’Alba Tre Vigne was quite impressive. Fruity and floral on the nose, an aromatic wine. A very impressive wine.

Vietti Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne2019

The Barbera d’Asti was not as aromatic as the Barbera d’Alba Tre Vigne. It’s also more crisp and more mineral, with aromas of red fruit.

Vietti Barbera d’Alba Vigna Scarrone 2019

Aromas of red fruits, especially cherry. Also some spice notes. A complex, balanced Barbera.

Vietti Barbera d’Asti La Crena 2019

The La Crena was a bit more subtle on the nose compared to the Vigna Scarrone, but also more structured in the mouth. Aromas of red fruits and spices. Will probably benefit from some time in the bottle. Has excellent potential.

Vietti Barbera d’Alba Vigna Vecchia Scarrone 2019

A very young wine that opened up in the glass. Good structure with a long finish. A full bodied, complex Barbera.

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