Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2015

Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2015

Here are my notes on the Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2015: I like it. Concise and to the point. There was just something about it. So drinkable. So approachable. So good. And out of all the wines I tasted that day, the La Serra was clearly a favorite.

La Serra

The La Serra vineyard is located in La Morra, right at the top above Cerequio and Case Nere. Why is the location so important? Altitude. Like MapMan Masna says: “elevation is always called into question, because at these heights (the border between La Serra and Cerequio is at exactly 400 meters) even 20-30 meters of difference can be important.”


2015 is know as a “warm” vintage. But, being bookended by 2014 and 2016, 2015 kind of gets lost in translation. May, June and July were very hot, with very little rain, and it was not looking great for a while. Then, August came along with a whole 8 days of rain, followed by a relatively normal September, and a bit of rain in October, giving the vintage what it needed to avoid a 2003 situation.

Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2015

The Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2015 was so approachable with incredibly smooth tannins and lots of good fruit. I tasted it next to the Barolo del Comune di La Morra 2017 and the Case Nere Riserva 2011, and I can honestly say that the La Serra 2015 was my favorite out of the two!

Tasting Notes

During my visit to Roberto Voerzio, I tasted quite a few wines. Here are some notes:

Roberto Voerzio Cerequio 2020

Barrel tasting. The Cerequio 2020 had a beautiful nose. Fruity, fresh. This wine has a bit of structure. Will obviously develop further over the next few years.

Roberto Voerzio Rocche 2020 

Barrel tasting. The Rocche had less structure than Cerequio, as of right now, maybe a bit more classic? This is a wine I look forward to taste once it’s in the bottle!

Roberto Voerzio Sarmassa 2019

Barrel tasting. The Sarmassa is made only in magnums! It had a beautiful nose, with a bit more concentration than Rocche, quite typical of the 2019 vintage.  A very good wine, a good roundness in the mouth. 

Roberto Voerzio La Serra 2019

Barrel tasting. The 2019 La Serra was even more concentrated than the Sarmassa with harsher tannins as well. A big wine with aromas of darker fruits, dark cherry. Very different to the 2015!

Roberto Voerzio Brunate 2018 

Tasted from tank. Wow, what an incredible nose. Elegant and concentrated, all at the same time with aromas of dark fruit. Elegant in the mouth as well. A classic wine.

Roberto Voerzio Fossati 2018

Tasted from tank. The Fossati is one of the more masculine wines I tasted that day. Aromas of tobacco, some herbs, red fruit. The tannins were quite harsh, at least compared to the other wines tasted.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo del Comune di La Morra 2017

The Barolo del Comune di La Morra 2017 is a mix of grapes from Boiolo 50% and 50% other cru’s. This was the first wine I tasted during this visit that had really prominent oak notes. Probably because the other wines had some months(+) left in the barrels.  

Roberto Voerzio  Case Nere riserva 2011

When tasting the Case Nere Riserva 2011, we had reached the end of the visit. And to be honest, we were all a bit preoccupied with out lunch plans, so the only note I have here is: “Quite impressive”. Incidentally, it’s the wine we ended up bringing to lunch. Pretty good way to end the tasting!

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