Recent Release from Veglio

Recent Release from Veglio

This summer I tasted the most recent release from Veglio. If I had to pick a favorite from the lineup it would be the Barolo Gattera 2017!

Recent Release from Mauro Veglio

Mauro Veglio Barbera 2020

The 2020 Barbera from Mauro Veglio is very fruity with good acidity. It’s very drinkable, light and fruity, despite the 15% alcohol.

Mauro Veglio Barbera Cascina Nuova 2018

The Cascina Nuova is their Barbera Superiore, so it’s no surprise that this wine is more complex. The ageing in wood has given the wine some spice notes as well as good structure. A balanced wine with good acidity.

Mauro Veglio Langhe Nebbiolo  2019

This wine has a beautiful nose, with aromas of fresh red fruit. It’s a bit concentrated in the mouth, but that’s not uncommon for the 2019’s. Good structure, good tannins, good length.  

Mauro Veglio Barolo 2017

The grapes in the Classic Barolo are sourced from Arborina, Castellero, and a small part of Gattera. Good nose, with red fruit and some spice notes. Quite fresh and easy to drink.

Mauro Veglio Gattera 2017

I like this wine a lot. A more masculine nose with aromas of tobacco, spices and some herbs. Quite soft tannins for a 2017.

Mauro Veglio Arborina 2017

The Arborina has that beautiful feminine nose. Quite aromatic for a 2017. A bit warm in the mouth, with round tannins.  

Mauro Veglio Castelletto 2017

More rustic nose on the Castelletto 2017, maybe even some leather. A more masculine Barolo, which is not surprising since it’s from Monforte. Dark red fruit and cherry aromas. The tannins are a bit more aggressive as well, structured with a good body.  

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