Winery Wednesday: Manzone

Winery Wednesday: This time I am taking you to Monforte

In case you haven’t been paying attention, I have been doing Winery Wednesday for quite some time now, recommending wineries to visit in the Piemonte region. This wednesday it’s Manzone’s turn.

Winery Wednesday
Mirella Manzone

Manzone is located a little “out of my comfort zone” (we all know I am a La Morra fan), but you should make the trip! And if you’re lucky you get to meet Mirella (pictured above). Mirella and her brother Mauro recently joined their father Giovanni at the winery, and the three of them work together to produce the wines.

Manzone has a pretty good selection of wines as you can see below. And what’s cool about them is that all their wines have names. Normally all the cru barolos have names, but Manzones dolcetto is called “Le Cilegie” and the Barbera superiore is called “La Marchesa”. They also produces a white wine, Langhe Rossese Bianco, a fairly unusual grape that originally comes from Cinqueterre.

Winery Wednesday
Manzone Lineup

Anyways, if you are looking for a winery to visit, stop by Manzone. You can check out their website here.  And stay tuned for another Winery Wednesday next week!

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