Baroliadi 2018


This summer I was able to join the La Morra team in their annual competition: Baroliadi!

Picture a sort of Olympics/triathlon with games centering around wine. Sounds like a recipe for success right?! Well it was!

There were 4 different games. First there was the egg toss, where you had to catch an egg in a bag held by two contestants. Second, there was the sack race where you had to carry a bottle during the course and hand it to a team mate. Third you had to slide on a tube while carrying a ball (to make it more difficult I imagine). And lastly, there was the Barrique race. The race starts with chugging a bottle of wine (because why the hell not). Then you have to roll the barrique through a course like a relay race, handing it off to team members along the way. And if you wall, 1 second is added to the time.

It was quite the day! Every year is different, because the host town changes. The only consistency is the barrique relay race. And the party at the end of course.

Oh, and La Morra won. Just FYI.

Baroliadi victorious




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