Wine for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might be an American (and Canadian) thing, so chances are you have to relationship with this holiday. Turkey, however, is something most of us (at least meat eaters) have a relationship with. And since Turkey is a big part of Thanksgiving, it may be fitting with some wine pairing tips to go with turkey.

Thanksgiving – what wine should you get?

If you google “wine pairing turkey” you get many different results. I guess it all comes down to taste.
Decanter suggests oaked chardonnay or pinot noir.
Forbes brings out the big guns and suggests Champagne!
While these are all good ideas, my suggestions (as Piemontegirl) would be Barbera.

Barbera for Thanksgiving

When it comes to fatty food, like Turkey, tannin is the enemy and acidity is your friend. And if there is one thing you’ll find in barbera, it’s acidity. Personally I also prefer red wine with meat, even if it’s “light meat”, and would therefore chose a barbera over a champagne or a white wine. Again, this comes down to tastes and preferences, but it should come as no surprise that Piemontegirl recommends something from Piemonte.

Thanksgiving Tips from Piemonte

Top 5 Barbera

Although there are many good barberas out there, I usually always have a Top 5 list. This can vary and the list is composed based on many factors, including vintage. But alas, here are my current top 5:

Cascina Fontana Barbera 2016
2016 is a great vintage (maybe especially for Barolo, but also good for barbere). If you’re located in Norway, only select stores have the 2016 on their shelves!

Trediberri Barbera d’Alba 2018
Trediberri is always a good decisions, and I think I prefer 2018 over 2017. Looking forward to what 2019 has to offer! Would again like to mention what Nicola thinks about the recent vintages: “2016 is all class like Jaqueline Kennedy. 2017 is as huge Pamela Anderson. And 2018 is as skinny as Miley Cyrus.”

Vietti Scarrone Barbera d’Alba 2016
Luca loves barbera. Sometimes I think he’d prefer to talk about barbera instead of barolo. And for good reason. He makes REALLY good barbera.

Altare Barbera d’Alba 2017
Headed to Beitostølen this weekend? Stop by Bagn on your way and secure yourself some barbera from Altare!

Marengo Babrera Vigna Pugnane 2017
Spends a few months in oak, so one could call this a barbera superiore. Currently not available in Norway, but I know it’s available internationally!

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