Wine for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might be an American (and Canadian) thing, so chances are you might not have a relationship with this holiday. Turkey, however, is something most of us (at least meat eaters) have a relationship with. And since Turkey is a big part of Thanksgiving, it may be fitting with suggestions of wines that pair well with turkey!

Thanksgiving – what wine should you get?

If you google “wine pairing turkey” you get many different results. I guess it all comes down to taste.
Decanter suggests oaked chardonnay or pinot noir.
Forbes brings out the big guns and suggests Champagne!
While these are all good ideas, my suggestion (as Piemontegirl) would be Barbera.

Barbera for Thanksgiving

When it comes to fatty food, like Turkey, tannin is the enemy and acidity is your friend. And if there is one thing you’ll find in Barbera, it’s acidity. Personally I also prefer red wine with meat, even if it’s “light meat”, and would therefore choose Barbera over Champagne or a white wine. Again, this comes down to tastes and preferences, but it should come as no surprise that Piemontegirl recommends something from Piemonte.

Thanksgiving Tips from Piemonte

Barbera 2020

2020 has been a strange year. A lot of things have happened. And a lot of things have been cancelled. However, one aspect of my life that remains the same is my love of wine. Here are some of my favorite Barbera from 2020:

Andrea Oberto Barbera Giada
Easily one of my all time favorites! Andrea Oberto makes 3 different Barbera, each with different use of oak. The Giada is in my opinion the best, and even though it spends quite some time in wood barrels, you can’t feel the oak in the mouth.

Diego Morra Barbera
A recent discovery, and a good one at that! The 2018 has good acidity with notes of red fruit and minerals.

Ghiomo Ruit Hora
With 15% of Nebbiolo, this wine will rock your world! This is Giuseppino’s passion project, and it shows!

Trediberri Barbera
It’s as good in 2019 as it was in 2018, perhaps even better! Not sure if all wine tastes better in 2020 (f**k Covid), but the Barbera from Trediberri certainly does!

Barbera 2021

Burlotto Barbera
Both the classic Barbera and the Aves from Burlotto are out of this world! Fabio is an outstanding winemakerm, able to make good wine in any vintage; even the difficult ones!

Elio Altare Barbera
A beautiful Barbera made by wonderful people. So happy to see it back in stock in Norway.

La Vedetta Barbera d’Asti
I know I mostly stick to Barbera d’Alba, but we can’t forget about Barbera d’Asti. And this one from La Vedetta is one of my favorites.

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