Nicola from Trediberri

Inimitable. Passionate.  Affable.  Energetic. Incomparable.  Words often used to describe Nicola Oberto, the face of Azienda Agricola Trediberri.  And, a lover of fine wine.

I often think of Nicola as a young Bill Gates – smarter than most, passionate beyond words, with an unprecedented attention to detail, and an inherent ambition to get better every day.  Bill, back in the days, would get so passionate at exhibitions selling his vision that he would forget to change his clothes for 3 days. I am not saying that Nicola does not change clothes, but I am not saying that it is not entirely possible either.

Add multifaceted. Always a smile lurking, the jokes come regularly, yet probably one of the most serious people you will ever meet.  So visionary at times that you’re afraid he is going to disappear in into the sky, yet fully grounded.  With ideas at the forefront of wine making innovation, but always wholly rooted in the tradition.

Do not take my word for it – visit the Trediberri winery and vineyards, and you will have an experience for life.

The Trediberri Family

Nicola is quick to put out though, this is not his show alone, this is a family effort.  His father, Federico, spent 40 years working for Renato Ratti, a renowned winery in La Morra.  You do not perhaps see Anna Rosa (mother of Nicola and wife of Federico) too often, but there is no underestimating her.  She is guiding the work in the vineyards as much as anybody.  Finally, you have Stefania, who keeps the checks and balances in the winery.  In addition to making sure there is always gas in Nicola’s car.

Sign of Trediberri


“We love to drink wine, therefore the greatest recognition for us is a bottle that is quickly finished.”

Want to try to put Trediberri in a box labelled “Modernist” or “Traditionalist”? Forget about it. Instead, Trediberri follows a beautiful philosophy: equilibrium. Using cement tanks, stainless steel tanks and wood barrels, they modify the method each year in order to make the wine as balanced and as drinkable as possible!

Trediberri Fun fact

Whilst there is absolutely no chance of the industrious Nicola Oberto ever running out of gas, there is a big chance his car will.  We have yet to figure out the underlying logic behind the fear of a full tank of gas, but it sure makes every trip in his car an adventure.

Fun fact II

The Trediberri winery of La Morra got its name from the fact that it pulls together the triumvirate of Nicola Oberto, his father Federico and their associate Vladimiro Rambaldi.  Together they invested. 5 hectars of Berri vineyards, a hamlet of La Morra, back in 2008.  Hence, Tre – Di – Berri.


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Barolo Rocche Dell’Annunziata

Rocche dell’Annunziata is synonynmous with body, elegance and complexity.

indigenous yeasts, 11 days of alcoholic fermentation in concrete (3-4 pump-overs per day) + 7 days of skin post-fermentative maceration (1-2 pump-over a day)

Tekstboks: PICTURE OF BOTTLE Trediberri Rocche


Product name: Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata
100% Nebbiolo
Classification: DOCG
delicate, floral, spicy aromas. Cherry, rose and strawberry.
Taste: Full bodied, good balance, structured, approachable tannins

VINIFICATION (Wine-making)

Method: indigenous yeasts, 11 days of alcoholic fermentation in concrete (3-4 pump-overs per day) + 7 days of skin post-fermentative maceration (1-2 pump-over a day)
Ageing: 23 months in big barrels (slavonian oak)


Soil: Calcareous blue marl
Exposure:  Southeast, south
Year of plantation:  1951, 1961, 1989, 1999


The grapes come from vineyards located in La Morra, within the hamlets Berri and Capalot.  Alcoholic fermentation occurs in concrete and starts with a specific pied de cuve. It lasts around 2-3 weeks and, after the first racking, the wine goes straight into wooden casks, where malolactic fermentation starts. We use 52 and 25 hectoliter barrels, made of Slavonian oak, crafted by Garbellotto. The wine ages for about 2 years, then it is blended in steel or concrete and it is bottled in July, 6-7 months before its release.



Product name: Barolo
100% Nebbiolo
Classification: DOCG
Color: Bright pale-red
Fragrance: Rosehip, bergamot, spices
Taste: Fruity, balanced, approachable tannins

VINIFICATION (Wine-making)

Length: 2-3 weeks alcoholic fermentation in concrete tanks
Ageing: 2 years in large casks
Ageing in bottle: 6-7 months

VINEYARD: Berri & Capalot

Langhe Nebbiolo

Grapes come from different vineyards of Nebbiolo within La Morra (Berri and Torriglione), Levice, Vicoforte and Roero area.


Alcoholic fermentation happens in concrete tanks that starts with a specific pied de cuve and lasts around 1-2 weeks with no temperature control. Each parcel is processed and aged separately until the cold stabilization. Total ageing is approximately 6 months exclusively in concrete and stainless steel, with frequent rackings.


Product name: Langhe Nebbiolo
100% Nebbiolo
Classification: DOC
Red berries, spice notes, leather
Taste: Fruity, fresh, spices, fresh acidity

VINIFICATION (Wine-making)

Temperature: no temperature control
Length: 1-2 week alcoholic fermentation
Ageing: 6 months in cement and stainless steel

Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

Barbera d’Alba

First fermentation: pied de cuve, about 7 days of fermentation and maceration in concrete

Malolactic fermentation: spontaneous in concrete and steel


Aging: about 6 months in concrete and stainless steel.


Product name: Barbera d’Alba
100% Barbera
Classification: DOC
Food pairing:
Tajarin, aged cheese, salami

VINIFICATION (Wine-making)


Length: 7 days fermentation in concrete

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