Diego Morra Il Sarto 2019

Diego Morra Langhe Nebbiolo Il Sarto 2019

The Diego Morra Langhe Nebbiolo Il Sarto 2019 is a new and improved Langhe Nebbiolo from Diego Morra. Diego Morra’s family has been in the wine and hazelnut business since the mid 1900’s, but it’s not until recently Diego started to bottle the wine under his own label.

The Il Sarto sews together vineyards from two different towns which have different microclimate, exposure and terroir. One is the vineyard in the municipality of Roddi, with an altitude of about 200 meters and south exposure, and the other is from municipality of La Morra, the Castagni and Serra dei Turchi vineyards. At an altitude of about 380 meters with north-east exposure these vineyards are more fresh than the vineyard in Roddi.

Why the name Il Sarto

“Il Sarto” translates to “the tailor”. The choice of the name derives from two different reasons:

First, a tailor, with attention and craftsmanship, chooses and sews together the pieces of cloth that they consider best, giving harmony to the dress as a whole, in the same way this Nebbiolo sews together different vineyards, combining terroir from La Morra and Roddi.

Second, the tailor also represents the union of Diego Morra and Francesca. Francesca has origins in the north of Piedmont, in the area of Biella, which since the 1800 has been famous for the art of weaving, for fine fabrics that are sold all over the world. So the name “Il Sarto” also recalls the tradition of Francesca’s origins.

To sum up, Il Sarto represents two traditions sewn together: high quality wine and high quality tailoring.


After a careful destemming, the spontaneous fermentation takes place in 8-10 days under constant temperature control (max.28-30°C), followed by short but frequent remounts and racking for about 10-12 days.  The wine-making process, the malolactic fermentation and large part of the aging process (which finishes with a period in wood) takes place in stainless steel containers during  a 12-16 month period.

Diego Morra Langhe Nebbiolo Il Sarto 2019 Tasting Notes:

The Diego Morra Il Sarto 2019 is quite explosive, similar to other 2019’s. Aromas of red berries, cherry and some pepper on the nose. Very fruity in the mouth, with round and approachable tannins. Very balanced with a long finish. Absolutely delicious!

Diego Morra Langhe Nebbiolo Il Sarto 2019

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