Elvio Cogno


Today I visited the Elvio Cogno winery. Nadia Cogno showed me around the beautiful cantina that sits atop a hill just outside Novello in Barolo. Cogno used to be partners with Marcarini in La Morra, but in 1990 they decided to move to Novello. After 4 generations of winemakers, it is Valter Fissore and Nadia who run the winery today.IMG_5370

During my visit I got to taste the Anaschetta, Dolcetto Mandorlo, Barbera “Bricco di Merli”, Langhe Nebbiolo Montegrilli, Barbaresco Bordini, Barolo Cascina Nuova, and the Barolo Ravera. I think my favorite was the Barolo Ravera. Although the Nebbiolo was also very good!


I thought it was interesting how they put the barbera in oak but not their langhe nebbiolo! In my mind it’s wonderful that each winery has it’s own quirks and ideas.

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