Renato Corino

Renato Corino is the son of Giovanni Corino and the brother of Giuliano Corino. The two brothers, Giuliano and Renato decided to work separately, instead of working together under their fathers name.

Renato Corino started producing his own wines in 2005. The Cantina is located right in Arborina, a prime location for a winery, and he of course produces a Barolo Arborina. He produces Barolos, but also Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo. Renato works alongside his son, Stefano. Stefano incidently combines winemaking with biking, and participates in several local bike races.


During my visit we tasted some wines not yet bottled: Nebbiolo 2014, Barbera 2014, Dolcetto 2014 and Barbera Pozzo 2013. Then we resumed the “regular” tasting. The wines have a familiar taste, since they are made in the same areas as the other wines I often drink. It was a very nice visit, the Corino’s are very hospitable and ‘sympatico’. And it was nice to meet someone my age (there are many “old” people in the Barolo area…)

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