Brezza, a winery, hotel and restaurant, lies right on the edge of the town Barolo. The Brezza family bottled their first wine in 1910. Today, the fourth generation runs the operations, with over twenty two hectares. Brezza also has a hotel and a restaurant.


Brezza has a Langhe Chardonnay and a Rosé. Not many wineries I have visited makes a rosé and it was interesting to taste. I tasted almost all the wines, and I think my favorites were the Barbera Santa Rosalia, Nebbbiolo Santa Rosalia and Barolo Classico 2011. There were a vast number of wines to chose from, and of course the others were good, but the abovementioned three wines stood out for me.


Brezza uses glass corks on some of their wine. There are different reasons to do this. One is to reduce the number of corcked wines. It is also said that the glass cork preserves the wines better, and the wine will hold onto it’s freshness longer. I have very little knowledge when it comes to traditional cork vs glass cork, but I know the DOCG does not allow glass corks, at least not yet.

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