Pizza Wine

Dolcetto = Pizza Wine

My favorite pizza wine is dolcetto. Obviously depends on the type of pizza, but as a general rule of thumb dolcetto works very well! I’d try the dolcetto from Nadia Curto or the one from Alessandro Veglio!

Need a recipe? Check out this one.

Friday Pizza and Pizza Wine

Barbera also works well as Pizza Wine

If your pizza has some meat, like salami or prosiutto, the acidity of a barbera will pair really well. The same goes for extra cheesy pizza, like Quatro Fromaggio. The ones are some of my favorites these days:
Diego Morra Barbera d’Alba
Ghiomo Barbera Lavai
Cigliuti Barbera

Other wines to try

Nadia Curto Freisa is another wine you can pair with pizza. Haven’t heard of Freisa? I’m not surprised. Freisa is a lesser known grape varietal from Piemonte. With the acidity like a barbera and tannins of nebbiolo, it’s a perfect combination! And it pairs well with pizza!

Nebbiolo is also a good alternative, instead of dolcetto or barbera. Try the one from Giovanni Corino or Elio Altare.

Modern Pizza

Tandoori Pizza from Vinoteket

Noawdays you can put anything on a pizza. There’s Pizza Carbonara, pizza with king crab and chicken tandoori. With modern twists like this, wine pairing can be challenging. But, if you try to pair the wine with the topping, you should find something that fits. So, with seafood pizza, try Vietti Arneis or Matrot Chardonnay.

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