Wine of the Week

Carolo Revello Barbera d'Alba 2016 Wine: Barbera d'Alba Producer: Carlo Revello Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2016   Eye: ruby red Nose: slightly indistinct, some dark berries, cherry and blackberry Mouth: high acidity, fresh, medium body Price Point: $17 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: yes

Winery Wednesday

Maybe you didn't know, but Revello Fratelli split in two and there is now also Carlo Revello & Figli. It's a relatively new winery, however Carlo has 30 years experience since he worked with his brother at Fratelli Revello before embarking on this new adventure. As you can see, the label is inspired by Carlo... Continue Reading →

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