Favorite Wine Spots in Milan

My time in Milan is coming to and end, and I thought I would share my favorite wine spots with you guys.

I think my absolute favorite spot i N’Ombra de vin, both because it was a great selection of wine but also because of the atmosphere. Really a fun place to spend time. And they have a good selection of Altare and Marengo!


N’Ombra de Vin

Recently, I discovered a new place: Bottega del Vino, and I the wine list as so good that it took me 20 minutes to decide which wine to get. Amazing, really!

Another good spot is Signorvino, but unlike the others, I only go here to buy wine. They also have a restaurant but I am not a huge fan… But the selection of wine in the store is great! You find many Vietti wines here.



Last but not least is Peck. I have never tried their restaurants (they have a few) but the Enoteca is amazing. Huge selection, some really good producers, and the actual place is really cool.



What are some of your favorite spots?





Near the Duomo in Milano, there is a restaurant called Signorvino. It is also a wine shop, so you can either sit and have a meal or just buy a bottle (or 10) of wine. I think I will probably just buy the wine from now on. They have an ok selection of wines from Piemonte. Many different Vietti wines, some Ciglitui and Oddero, also some Ettore Germano.

The wine shop is pretty good, but I was not a big fan of the restaurant. Poor serivice, bad wine list (which is weird since they have a good selection of wines), the food was not great and the music a little loud. I thought it was weird that they were unable to tweak a dish to suit my needs. I wanted proscuttio crudo instead of the cotto and it was very hard for them to change it. I also just wanted a piece of the robiola but to get the robiola I had to order the whole cheese plate. And I had to ask for water 3 times before it arrived. I am not impressed. But I am used to the service at More e Macine or Osteria Vignaiolo. Maybe I have to get used to the service in Milano….


I ended up with a bottle of Perbacco (not on the wine list) and Prosciutto crudo with my dish. So in the end it worked out (ish). I will be coming back to buy wine, so they have not lost a customer =)