Favorite Wine Spots in Milan

My time in Milan is coming to and end, and I thought I would share my favorite wine spots with you guys.

I think my absolute favorite spot i N’Ombra de vin, both because it was a great selection of wine but also because of the atmosphere. Really a fun place to spend time. And they have a good selection of Altare and Marengo!


N’Ombra de Vin

Recently, I discovered a new place: Bottega del Vino, and I the wine list as so good that it took me 20 minutes to decide which wine to get. Amazing, really!

Another good spot is Signorvino, but unlike the others, I only go here to buy wine. They also have a restaurant but I am not a huge fan… But the selection of wine in the store is great! You find many Vietti wines here.



Last but not least is Peck. I have never tried their restaurants (they have a few) but the Enoteca is amazing. Huge selection, some really good producers, and the actual place is really cool.



What are some of your favorite spots?




After moving to Milano, I had to start finding new wine stores. One of those was Peck. At Peck you don’t only find wine, they have a great selection of food as well (I spent quite some time in the Cheese section). Downstairs they have their Enoteca, and I was very surprised when I walked down the stairs and entered into the wine section. It was like it was endless. I just kept walking and walking and the store seemed to get bigger and bigger.


They have a huge selection of wines from all over the world, it was almost overwhelming. And they also had a beautiful selection of large formats. Basically one of my new favorite places in Milano. Being Piemontegirl, I usually end up in that section of the wine stores, and true to form that’s where I spent most of my time while I was there. They have the big names like Gaja and Conterno, but they also have a good selection of the less expensive wines. While we are on the subject, good wine does not have to cost a fortune. Just saying.


Definately a place to see if you are in the area. Check out their website for more information.

Cantina Communale La Morra


In many of the towns in Barolo you will find a Cantina Communale. Here you van buy wines from the producers from that specific time. At the Cantina Communale in Castiglione you will find wines from the producers in Castiglione, same goes for La Morra. What is nice about the Cantina Communale is that there is barely a markup and the selection is great.


At the Cantina Communale in La Morra you will find the wonderful Emanuela. I love opening the door to the store and seeing her face. Her smile is priceless.

The staff at the Cantina Communale is very knowledgable and can help you find what you are looking for. This is also a place you can get information about the area, for example if you are looking for a restaurant or a walking path. So stop by if you can, and if you see Emanuela, give her a big hug from me!


Berry Bros & Rudd

berry bro 1

I took a quick trip to London, and of course had to stop by a few wine stores. On my list was Berry Bros & Rudd. A very cool little store near Picadilly, with a pretty impressive selection. The boutique style store had an old interior, with creaky floors and old artifacts.

berry bro 3

The staff was very welcoming and helpful, making you feel special as a customer. There were two main rooms, one for spirits and one for wine. I of course spent most of my time in the wine room, browsing the various regions, my favorites of course being Burgundy and Barolo.

berry bro 2

One of the features I enjoyed at Berry Bros & Rudd was the “Berry’s Selections”. Here they had chosen various wines from different regions, showing you what they could recommend. In this section I found a Comte Lafon, Macon-Villages. A perfect example of a very good wine that doesn’t cost a fortune, in contrast with the various Gaja and other expensive wines. In other words, a wine store that fits everyone’s needs.

Check out their website HERE.

Wine Stores Boston

Are you living in Boston? Looking for a place to buy wine? Here are some of my favorite wine stores in Boston:

Central Bottle: One of my favorites. Located in Cambridge, right by MIT, this wine store is a gem. They always have Vietti wines, which you know is one of my favorite. The staff is wonderful, and very helpful. And you can find good cheese and cold cuts, to go with your wine. Check out their website: http://www.centralbottle.com/

Federal Wines and Spirits: A quirky little store, with a very messy basement where you can find Altare and Burlotto. Take a look at their website: http://www.federalwine.com/

Brix Wine Shop: I have never been here, but I have met the wonderful people who run it, and hopefully I’ll make it there soon! Brix offers multiple tastings a week, you can read more about them on their website: http://www.brixwineshop.com/

Gordon’s Fine Wine: Hidden all the way in Waltham, this store which neighbors my favorite restaurant Il Capricio. This store has a great selection, you just have to look.

Favorite Wine Stores in NYC

Astor Wines

Astor wines has a large selection, and you can find both Cavallotto and Vietti. What I like about Astor Wines is they don’t just have the Barolo’s, they have Barbera and Dolcetto, and also inexpensive white wine.  Check out their website here.

Moore Brother’s Wine Company

Discovered completely by accident, this wonderful wine store is located right next to La Pizza Fresca. To my delight, I found Ettore Germano’s wines there! Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo and his Langhe Chardonnay! I did not see his Herzu, which is my favorite, but I am still impressed! Learn about their impressive efforts to bring great wine to the US here.

Flatiron Wines

This store is small, yet has a great selection. Their burgundy sections is great, along with their Piemonte section. The staff is helpful and friendly, and the prices are pretty good. Definitely a go to when in New York. Check out their website.

Chamber Street

Although I have never actually been here myself, I know this is one for the books. At Chamber Street you can find old gems at a decent price, and from what I hear, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It’s on my “Bucket list” for sure! You can find more information on their website.