Piemontegirl Tasting

As you probably already know, I've started to host some wine tastings! Mostly basic tastings, differentiating between 3 grapes: dolcetto, barbera and nebbiolo. I think it is a good way to learn the difference between the 3 main grapes in Piemonte. The dolcetto from Andrea Oberto had the typical purple color of dolcetto. On the... Continue Reading →

Vinmonopolet: Wines 255kr and under

Good selections for a reasonable price There are quite a few wines available at Vinmonopolet, andyou can find some great wines at reasonable prices. (Although that's not always the case). Sometimes there are so many options that it's hard to know what to buy. And if you don't know the wines or the wine maker... Continue Reading →


Near the Duomo in Milano, there is a restaurant called Signorvino. It is also a wine shop, so you can either sit and have a meal or just buy a bottle (or 10) of wine. I think I will probably just buy the wine from now on. They have an ok selection of wines from... Continue Reading →

Vietti at Nedre Foss Gård

I am back in Norway, for good this time, but some things never change. I had the pleasure of attending the Vietti Winemaker dinner at Nedre Foss Gård in Oslo Norway, and it was absolutely fantastic. It was so good to see Elena again, and the wines of course were amazing as always.   One... Continue Reading →

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