Which restaurant has the best Champagne list outside of France?

Champagne heaven – Can you guess where it is?


A champagne lineup like this can only mean one thing: Ciccio is involved.

Champagne (2)

Ever been to Vinoteca Centro Storico before? If not, you should go! Ciccio, the boss, along with his wife and mother in law, runs the place where you can get the best champagne outside of France. I guess you could say that it’s his passion – besides food of course. The list of bottle he has is non existent (because it’s all in his head) but I can guarantee he will find something that suits your mood. Philipponnat, Pierre Peters, Pol Roger – you name it.


Centro Storico is a legendary place, and all the locals seem to think so as well, because you are very likely to run into them there (especially late at night). If you follow Ciccio on Instagram you will see incredible lineups and crazy pictures. Basically, you are bound to have a good time if you go! And try the ham as well; he hand carves it right in front of you!


Centro Storico


Welcome to Vinoteca Centro Storico! This is where the infamous Ciccio works, a man who also goes by the name Alessio. He is said to have the best champagne list outside of France, and I don’t think that is far from the truth.


Apart from his excellent taste in Champgane, you also get really good food, a freindly staff and a great wine list. Ciccio’s wife also works there, and the two of them have created a marvelous restaurant. There is room for everyone, not just the regulars that have accumulated over the years.


And more often than not, Ciccio does something crazy, like offer a blind tasting of a 1978 Barbaresco, Albino Rocca. If you’re lucky you will witness or even take part in these crazy shenanigans, and have a good story to tell your friends. You will also often run into winemakers from the area, who are there to enjoy a meal or have a quick drink with Ciccio.

Centro Storico is located in Serralunga, in the center, (Via Roma 6). You can call them at +39 0173 613203. They are closed Monday.