Wine of the Week

Gianfranco Alessandria Vittoria Barbera 2013 Wine: Vittoria Barbera Producer: Gianfranco Alessandria Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Barbera Vintage: 2013   Eye: bright red Nose: tobacco, vanilla, cherry, plums Mouth: balanced tannins, fruity but with good acidity Price Point: $30 Available at Vinmonopolet: no Available at Systembolaget: no

Wine of the Week

Gianfranco Alessandria Dolcetto d'Alba 2015 Wine: Dolcetto d'Alba Producer: Gianfranco Alessandria Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Dolcetto Vintage: 2015   Eye: ruby red Nose: red fruits, cherry, candied, Mouth: some minerals, blackberry, red fruits   Price Point: $15 Available at Vinmonopolet: No

Gianfranco Alessandria

This was my first time visiting Gianfranco Alessandria, although not the first time trying his wines. His two daughters, Vittoria and Marta,  showed us around and tasted with us. Gianfranco took over the winery after his father died in 1986, which happened to be the year of the freak hailstorm that destroyed all the vines,... Continue Reading →

Back in Piemonte

Finally back in Piemonte. It's vacation time, which means lots of eating and drinking. And many winery visits. The next few days are full of exciting visits many different producers.

Day 4

We started the day at Blenheim, after we strapped ourselves into the bunad. I had been looking forward to Blenheim, however I was very disappointed. The service was awful, the food was not great and they had strayed from their "from farm to table" philosophy. A shame, really, because I really liked Blenheim. After Blenheim,... Continue Reading →

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