Cantina Granveien

Not an uncommon sight at Cantina Granveien. This was after a very successful Friday Pizza evening with a Barbera Lineup and some additional bottles of various wines.

Vineyard Road Portfolio Tasting 2015

Vineyard Road had their portfolio tasting at Eastern Standard today. I was very excited to meet with Riccardo Sgarra with Paolo Scavino. His wines have been relevant in the Cantina Granveien household recently, and I was eager to learn more about the winery. Riccardo had a whole lineup, starting with their only white, going through... Continue Reading →

Friday Pizza

Friday Pizza is served @Cantina Granveien.  We try to serve Pizza every Friday, always home made, with fresh mozarella and prosciutto. With the wine, we usually serve a Dolcetto or Barbera-- a strange combination maybe, Pizza and Wine, but PizzaWine has become a well know term in Cantina Granveien and it's guests.  (For those of... Continue Reading →

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