We all have our favorite wines or winemakers, and here are some of my favorites at the moment.

Wine of the Week

Azelia Barolo Margheria 2004 Wine: Barolo Margheria Producer: Azelia Region/Appellation: Piemonte, Italy Grape varieties: Nebbiolo Vintage: 2004   Eye: red-brown, translucent Nose: mineral, earthy, salty, dark cherries, roses Mouth: medium-full bodied, earthy, tannins present Price Point: $60 Available at Vinmonopolet: yes Available at Systembolaget: no

Wonder what wineries to visit?

No need - here are some of my favorites! There are many more wineries in Piemonte than then ones pictured but these are some of my favorites. You can also check out Winery Wednesday to read more about them.

Wines under 200kr at Vinmonopolet

Wines at Vinmonopolet under 200kr Wines don't have to be super expensive to be good quality or taste good. These wines are some of my favorites. If you try them feel free to tell me about your experience! Enjoy!     Trediberri Barbera 175kr Azelia Langhe Nebbiolo 198kr Bruno Rocca Langhe Nebbiolo 183kr Alessandro Veglio... Continue Reading →

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