Chocolatte Helsingborg

Chocolatte Helsingborg If you're a chocolate person (like me) you have to try Chocolatte in Helsingborg! There is a reason they win Chocolate awards; their chocolates are incredible! For Christmas we had their Christmas chocolates, with flavors like ginger bread and salty licorice. Perfect as a small dessert after tons of fatty Christmas food! It's... Continue Reading →

A Cascina Nuova Christmas

Cascina Nuova: A Corino Christmas Night I love Christmas, and as you can see Cascina Nuova is now all ready for Christmas. And how perfect is Giovanni Corino's wine for Christmas? The red label goes great with the Christmas colors! Early December we had a sort of Christmas Party with food and baking and wine.... Continue Reading →

Wine Opener: Which ones do you use?

Wine Opener: Got any favorites? I don't know if wine opener is a huge subject, but I certainly have a favorite type. Most people open "regular wines" (as in not old ones with difficult corks) and now there's glass and screw cap, so many also don't need an opener. Honestly, I prefer corks. Not sure... Continue Reading →

Wine 101

Wine 101, maybe it sounds like something you might need? Jack Prenter at reached out to me about an infographic he had created (along with some wine people) and asked me to share it with you. Read his excerpt below. Wine 101 by Jack Prenter One of the main excuses people give for not... Continue Reading →

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