What is Giovanni Corino known for (besides wine)?

Fun Fact Friday: Giovanni Corino Do you know what Giovanni Corino is know for besides wine? Gardening! Barolo is normally associated with wine, but sometimes we forget that many of the winemakers are farmers. Which means their skill also goes beyond the vineyards. So it's self explanatory that many grow their own vegetables. And the... Continue Reading →

Vinitaly: Giovanni Corino

It may not be a surprise that I spent my time at Vinitaly in the Piemonte section. Many of my friends were there presenting their wines, including of course Giovanni Corino. Their labels were recently "updated" and as you can see they were on display at the fair. As I have tasted all their wines... Continue Reading →

What a weekend!

I will just share one photo for now from the wonderful weekend I just spent in Barolo. The weekend was filled with good wine, tasty food, amazing people and horrible weather! But for me the weather doesn't play a huge role, especially with so many incredible people surrounding me. The photo is from my Birthday... Continue Reading →

Winery Wednesday

Giovanni Corino Giovanni Corino is a family owned winery located in La Morra, or more precisely, Annunziata, in the Barolo area. The winery is fairly small, they produce about 40,000 bottles a year. They produce the "normal" lineup, meaning Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and a few Barolos. You will also find their Barbera Cibot dù... Continue Reading →

Wine of the Week

Barolo Vigna Giachini by Giovanni Corino   Wine: Barolo Vigna Giachini Producer: Giovanni Corino Region/Appellation: Barolo, Piemonte Grape varieties: Nebbiolo Vintage: 2006  Eye: bright ruby red Nose: fruity, cherry and raspberry, some licorice, roses, Mouth: silky tannins, easy to drink, fruity, balanced with firm structure   Price Point:  $71 Available at Vinmonopolet: Not yet...

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